Beltagy’s wife says her family suffered greatly in Egypt


Sanaa al-Beltagi, the wife of prominent Muslim Brotherhood figure Mohamed al-Beltagi, visited Turkey this week and spoke to Anadolu Agency about her struggle to make her voice heard.

She said she would continue to oppose the “coup-sponsored regime” of Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and will keep the story of her slain daughter Asmaa alive across the world.

Asmaa al-Beltagi was among hundreds killed by Egyptian forces during peaceful anti-coup protests shortly after the military coup against President Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

While in Egypt, Sanaa al-Beltagi was not allowed to visit her daughter’s grave.

Al-Beltagi explained that it was hard for her to leave Egypt without her detained husband and son Anas, but she was forced to in the interest of her other surviving children.

According to al-Beltagi, her husband has been in custody for over two and a half years, and is “still in solitary confinement” in al-Aqrab prison, a facility “designed to kill prisoners.”

Al-Beltagi said her husband “suffers severe torture” at the hands of an assistant to the interior minister, who taunts him by telling him he would have killed him if he “was the officer who detained him.”

“All types of revenge are being taken against my husband because he is a revolutionary symbol, a member of parliament and a fighter against the corruption of the deep state,” al-Beltagi said.

Her son Ammar is also being detained under severe conditions.

Ammar is accused of illegal weapons possession, leading protests and joining outlawed groups, charges his family say are fabricated. He is mentioned in police records as “the son of al-Beltagi.”

She added that her other son Khaled, 17, was detained twice, tortured and sentenced in absentia to two years in prison. Hossam, 13, has also been falsely accused and tried in three cases.

“Dr. Mohamed al-Beltagi is still content because he played his [revolutionary] role despite the harsh consequences he is now facing,” she said, adding that he believes the coup is worse than foreign occupation because it has divided the country, which is why he is calling for unity against the coup regime.


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